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Are you ready for next year?

I’m serious. May requires more diligence, more dedication ending one school year and planning the next.
1. Plan your bulletin boards for August/September or July (year round schools). Make materials and cover the boards before putting one itsy-bitsy toe out the door for summer. If your classroom is painted or cleaned, be sure to cover the boards with newspaper to protect.
2. Plan your “Welcome to School” letter.
3. Plan the school supply list. Many stores now post the lists for parents beginning in July. Make sure the list is in the right hands.
4. Plan and prepare all materials you’ll need for the first full week of school.

Now if you’re a veteran teacher, you’ve already started. The tip today is for the new folks who marvel over how teachers set-up their classroom in the fall.
Everything you can prepare ahead saves time during the crunch week before school begins.

Ready, Set, Go…..but don’t neglect your May/June duties.  Busy…………

From your friend, DaVinci’s Classroom Teacher

Teacher Tip

Attention: Funeral Announcement
Bury the red pens.
And thank-you.
More tomorrow…..
Love, DaVinci’s Classroom

Teacher Tip: Drama Centers

How important is the Land of Make-Beleive? Remember Mr. Rogers?




Incorporate role-playing into your curriculum. This is a kindergarten class dress-up area which changes with the theme. Any grade can include role-playing to jazz up a lesson. How about the teacher dressing up?

Bulletin Board for Everybody: Easter Ideas



Natural Dye for Easter Eggs

Fresh beets, cranberries, radishes or frozen raspberries

Pinkish red

Yellow onion skins


Orange or lemon peels, carrot tops, celery seed or ground cumin

Pale yellow

Ground turmeric


Spinach leaves

Pale green

Yellow Delicious apple peels


blueberries or red cabbage leaves


Strong brewed coffee

Lt. Brown

Dill seeds


Chili powder


Purple or red grape juice or beet juice


Directions:  Boil in water, add couple tablespoons of vinegar, and then allow to sit at least 15 minutes.     Oh—be sure you use boiled eggs.  Color varies with natural products.  Start early so you can experiment with the results.

From:  http://www.aeb.org/kidsandfamily/eastereggs/naturaldyed.asp

Teacher Tip



Mistakes are opportunities to learn.  Create an atmosphere for your students to see errors as the stepping stone to learn.

Teacher Tip


Poor Solomon Grundy

Washed the left side of his head on Monday

Washed the left side of his neck on Tuesday,

Washed the left arm on Wednesday,

Washed the left hand on Thursday,

Washed the left side on Friday,

Washed the left leg on Saturday,

Washed the left  foot on Sunday.

Poor Solomon Grundy,

He’s still half dirty!

Teacher Tip

Choral reading or daily chants are fun and educational

The Donut Song

Oh, I walked around the corner

And I walked around the block

and I walked right into the bakery shop

And I picked up a donut and I wiped off the grease

And I handed the lady a five cent piece

Thanks for the donut, good day

Well she looked at the nickel

And she looked at me

And she said, “Hey mister, can’t you plainly see?

There’s a hole in the nickel, there’s a hole right through.”

Said I, “There’s a hole in the donut too!”




How do you like that? 
Wouldn’t it be nice to meet at the bakery for some coffee and chat?  Have a great day.

Teacher Tip

Goodmorning!  I hope you visited last week and read the money tips.  The green week was loaded with money resources.  I learned something.  Did you know how far saving $3.00 day will go?

Saturday night our family added up the savings we had by working around our house mowing, cleaning, cooking, and not shopping.  It hovered over $100 and that’s enough for the monthy contribution towards the $259,000 fund.  Curious?….read Friday’s post.


This is not the way to start the day.  These people need some coffee.  Actually, I think the babies need a diaper change and the air is ….!  “Please someone snap this picture now.”

Start your teaching day out with this chant written by Dr. Linda Michell Baron


This is the way…hey!  we start the day…hey!

We get the knowledge…hey!  to go to college…hey!

We won’t stop there…hey!  go anywhere…hey!

We work and smile…hey!  cause that’s our style…hey!

We love each other…hey! help one another…hey!

There’s nothing to it…hey!   Just have to do it…hey!

this is the way …hey!   we start the day…hey!

cause we “don’t play” …hey!

Now, what you say…hey!

The next ditty is for all big brothers and sisters, especially Ariel’s kids www.moabclub.blogspot.com

Bulletin Board: Money, Money, Money. $20 a week makes a difference!

Learn to pray for provision  


Golden Nugget:  Plan your saving and spending”



Resources:  www.christiandevotions.us posts Faith & FINANCES, Bible-based devotions aimed to help readers apply God’s financial principles in their lives—every Tuesday a new finance devotion posts.


Also listen the interview with financial minister, Chris Stocklin:  http://www.christiandevotions.us/radio.html



Ron Blue teaches simple saving principals.

1.  Patient Savings Plan:  Save $21 a week or exactly $83. a month with 8% yield = $259,000 in forty years. 

Now, right now you may not find 8%, but save your money in an account (CD possibly).    

Older than 20?  Save more than $83.33 per month to catch up, if you can.


 2.  Ron Blue also teaches a principal called:  Opportunity Cost

This means the item you purchase for $20 cost you more because it’s a lost opportunity to earn money.  How much more would the twenty dollars mean to you in 20, 30, 40 years?  The item doesn’t cost $20, it cost the money you could have earned if the money had been invested instead.


Links to Ron Blue




“Disclaimer – Ronald Blue & Co. provides the names of other financial organizations and/or vendors of financial products as a convenience to its web site visitors. Ronald Blue & Co. may not agree with, nor does it make any warranty as to the accuracy of the information supplied by these organizations or vendors. It is not intended to be a substitute for personalized legal or financial planning advice.”

 College Savings Plans:  Check the 529 plan in your state (Tax advantage savings plan)

Work:  Sell handmade products on-line                                    a_treasure_chest_full_gold_coins_and_jewelry_royalty_free_clipart_picture_treasure_chest



More ways to stop spending so you can save

Use the library

Sew:  hem your pants, sew on buttons, alter clothes


Does it mean you can never spend?  No, but it you delay or reduce spending, the long term outcome is financial security.


There are creative ways to save money that you may like to share.  Please comment and share your money saving ideas.

ANSWER TO YESTERDAY’S QUESTION:  Is a car an investment?  (NO)

Today’s question:  Is jewelry an investment?  freejewelryimages