Virtual Classroom: Bulletin Boards

DaVinci’s Classroom presents the Virtual Classroom

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We’re checking out the hallways for bulletin board ideas. The bulletin boards double as art and writing assignments. Send your images to

Who’s in the barn?

Mr. Big Fish

Spring Flower Stories

Thank you, Peggy, for contributing to DaVinci’s Classroom!


Virtual Classroom: Bulletin Boards

DaVinci’s Classroom presents the Virtual Classroom.

Today we’re meandering through the hallways for bulletin board ideas.

If you’d like to submit your classroom images, please send submissions to 

When I grow up . . .

Beary Good Writing

Paper plate frogs and ducks

April Showers

Cloudy With A Chance . . .

Bulletin Board: Book Report

More about the great new book, The Curse of Captain LaFoote

Link here to see the buzz:

Virtual Classroom: Valentine Hearts

If you’re looking for inspiration for Valentine’s decorations, Julie submitted these photos.



Many thanks to Julie in South Carolina for contributing to DaVinci’s Virtual Classroom.

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Bulletin Board…Teachers

Ka$hing, Ka$hing.  How much cash have you spent on your classroom?  Somebody is actually counting.   Brad’s Deals reports teacher’s spend 1.3 million personal money every year. 

Okay, you and I know that’s only what’ reported.  Who knows how we really spend.  But Brad’s batting for you.  He’s listed businesses that offer discounts to teachers.  So here’s the link for you.  Brad’s

I hope this helps and you have some $ left for your IRA accounts.  Don’t forget to save…for yourself.

Have a great beginning of the school year.  Classroom pictures are coming soon.  Send your digital classroom pictures to and I’ll post them here at DaVinci’s Classroom.

Your teacher and friend,

DaVinci’s Teacher

Bulletin Board….It’s Almost Time….

Yes, it’s almost time to begin again.  I’ll start up DaVinci’s Classroom with the school schedule.  I’m excited to announce DaVinci’s Classroom is accepting Guests Posts!

If you are an educator, writer, mother, or woman we want to learn from you.  Please send a comment to DaVinci’s Classroom if you want to post.  

What is DaVinci’s Classroom?  Just what it says… a place for educators, writers, mothers, and women.   

Our focus this school year will be:  VIRTUAL CLASSROOMS                                              DaVinci’s Classroom is the place to send in images of your classroom, so we can all visit.  Teachers love to learn from each other.  Send ’em in and I’ll post the pictures for everbody.

Writer’s:  We’re looking for clips and tips from you–a quick tip, a commentary, a lesson, anything you can share.

Bookworms:  I’ll be sharing my summer reading with you and you can, too.   Let’s talk about what you’re reading.

Here’s where I’ve been all summer:   It’s the NEW site for kids, so spread the word.  It’s loaded with material and updates weekly.   Kids and adults enjoy reading DevoKids.

Can’t wait to hear from you!

Your friend,  DaVinci’s Classroom

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Bulletin Board


“Girl.   You spell girl, “g-o-o-l”.  Giirrrl

“No, you don’t.  Ga.  G-i-r-l-e.  Girl.”


“Moma, come play with me.” 

So, I’ve been on duty.  Here’s your summer recipe which I read the on a great craft blog: . 

 Recipe for Preserving Children

1 grassy field

1 half-dozen children (or more)

several dogs (and puppies, if available)

1 brook



1.  Into field pour children and dogs, allowing to mix well.

2.  Pour brooke over pebbles until slightly frothy.

3.  When children are nicely brown, cool in warm bath.

4.  When dry, serve with milk and fresh gingerbread. 


Playing…..but I’ll be back.   Tomorrow.  Really.

Bulletin Board


New York City Public Library

Bulletin Board


Boston Public Library
You should see the interior!

If you live in Boston, please photograph and send DaVinci’s Classroom.

Days of Children Reading Books ‘are numbered’  Read the article here


Bulletin Board: Teachers, Writers, Mothers, Women..Everybody


Fill in the blank:  You know you’re a ____________ because you love libraries.



DaVinci’s Classroom will feature libraries next week. Please take a picture of a library you love. Send a comment to me and I’ll reply, so we can post your favorite library.

I look forward to a glorious collection of library pictures next week, don’t you? Please participate. Thanks…..
My answer: You know you’re a teacher because you love libraries.