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Another Funeral



Hello Everybody,
So good of you to visit again.

I’m thinking of another funeral. Yesterday red pens. Today fruit flies.
A wee bit warm and they swarm, even in the bathroom. Who wants to fly in a bathroom all day with the comings and goings, ahum   Not me.  If a lavortory won’t kill ’em, what will?  I”ve tried all I know to try.

First, I tried talk.  Communicate when you have an issue, right?

Come here, little fruit fly.  You see, I need you to take up residence somewhere else.”   They weren’t charmed. 

Then I fed the moms, the dads, and the abundant offspring.  

“Here. Here. Here’s some juice. Go ahead and take a dip. A deep dip. Dive bomb.”
Rice vinegar, apple-cider vinegar, balsamic vinegar, red-wine vinegar, and wine available.  Drink.  Indulge.  Get light headed.  Die. 

They prefer the apple-cider vinegar and balsamic vinegar, but very few fatalities.   Pesky and persnickety creatures. 

My husband sucks the varmints with the vaccuum.
How do you exterminate the critters?

My son wants a pet.  Should reconsider an insect collection?

TEACHERS: Link to Biology Studies of Fruit Flies

Read this: 

“Many researchers have tried to create a mathematical model of how cells pack together to form tissue, but most models have many different complicated factors, and no model is universal.
Researchers at Northwestern University have now created a functional equation — using only two parameters — to show how cells pack together to create the eyes of Drosophila, better known as the fruit fly. They hope that the pared-down equation can be applied to different kinds of tissues, leading to advances in regenerative medicine.”


Okay all you fruit fly researchers, I’ll donate my flies to science.  Please send a fruit truck to pick ’em up. 

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  1. how funny. they are so annoying, huh? i remember opening a container of grapes in college and fruit flies flew OUT. They weren’t there when I put them in the sealed container. YUCK!

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