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Random Geography Lesson
I’m on a random tangent. Here’s trivia for you today. If you don’t want to teach the Latin America lesson posted today, then close your eyes, twirl the globe, and put your finger on a spot. Look up the place your finger touched on the internet and take a virtual trip. Actually….let your students be the ones to close their eyes…..(Please, never, ever close your eyes in the middle of a room of children. Oh, my.  That could be harzardous to somebody’s health.

The Random Geography Lesson from your friend DaVinci’s Classroom
Latin is a dead language and not spoken as the mother tongue (native language). Historically, Latin was the language of Rome, but never the language of Latin America. Today, Latin is one official language of the Vatican.
Languages spoken in Latin America, known as the Romance languages—French, Romanian, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese–descended from Latin. http://wiki.answers.com/

Throw a geography party. Be spontaneous. Be random. Grab salsa and chips and find the Latin American countries on globes/maps. Do something. (Hint: Mini-lesson on Latin American Countries.)

Then, give a quiz. (ha-ha-ha….throw-head-back-devious laugh) You’re a teacher, aren’t ya?
And, here they are…………… the Latin American countries! Clap.
• Argentina
• Bolivia
• Brazil
• Chile
• Columbia
• Costa Rica
• Cuba
• Dominican Republic
• Ecuador
• El Salvador
• Guatemala
• Haiti
• Honduras
• Mexico
• Nicaragua
• Panama
• Paraguay
• Peru
• Uraguay
• Venezuela

Take a giant step and teach Latin to build vocabulary skills.





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