Teacher Tip


Are you brave? Pets–in the classroom–are for the brave.

All my school pets ended becoming home pets.   Not my home–I gave the critters to students.
Fish, hermit crabs, gerbils, and hamsters. Oh, don’t ask about the hamsters. They were so cute and produced a family. A crop of baby kidney beans.   Then tragedy…the moma. OH, I can’t tell you what THE MOTHER did.  I loved those little critters.

Another year a rabbit joined our classroom and we called her Miss Kitty. (I really wanted a cat but didn’t think I should have one in school.) This adorable white bunny bit. Bit hard. We loved her and pet her, but she bit. Bit us. Bit cords. And left bits….ahum….on her strolls.
I put Miss Kitty up for adoption and she moved in with one of my second graders.
And she was happy.
And I was relieved.

However, there are teachers with more successful pet stories than mine. Allow me to introduce you to perfect classroom pets. Sorry–I don’t know their names.





I admire all you owners and lovers of fish, birds, quinea pigs, hamsters, lizards, pet rocks, and stuffed animals. You’re great educators.

I have a pet rock named Sam I Am.


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