Bulletin Board: Educators, Teachers, Moms and Vocabulary Words

Teachable Moments yacht_1

My son and I walked around an inlet, held hands and discussed yachts, schooners, sailboats, barnicles, estuaries, and pedestrians.


I listened to him.

He listened to me.

I experienced the teachable moment.


Some time ago a wise man told me to take walks with my children.   Do I ?   Yes…I intend to after I finish folding clothes, chopping vegetables, answering the phone, and checking the computer. Suddenly bedtime’s arrived.

Be inspired by a simple walk. Don’t miss your moments.



Design estuaries with clay.

Create a barnicle with flour and salt dough.

Build an inlet with toy schooners and yachts on cardboard with paper and paint.

Go for a walk and be a pedestrian.

Educators: Use this photo to inspire a lesson using the vocabulary words.

Send your teaching photos, classroom images, or teaching tips to terri@devokids. We’ll post them here at DaVinci’s Classroom.


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