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Mistakes are opportunities to learn.  Create an atmosphere for your students to see errors as the stepping stone to learn.


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  1. I am working on my new website (I am a teacher as well) and would like to use your photo (mistakes…)
    May I have your permission (for non-profit use).

    • Hi Lis,
      Sure you can use the picture. I don’t even remember which one it is.
      Would you please link to me and when you get your site built, let me know,
      and I’ll link to you, too! My best to you, Terri
      Editor of http://www.devokids.com

  2. […] Classroom Blog "Creating Classroom Blog" image from: https://davincisclassroom.wordpress.com/2009/04/02/teacher-tip-32/ "Creating Classroom Blog" on Twitter@jamminggrandma I loved creating the blog! I am looking forward […]

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