Bulletin Board: Everybody!



Goodmorning, April Fool–Fool’s Day
Well, I forgot about you. I was so busy getting my kids up and getting them dressed to rush to school because we were late. At least that’s what the clocks said. One hour late. Every single clock.
But, really. Um-m-m. Some April Fool around here set the clocks ahead, rushed everybody out the door, and drove to Chick-Fil-A for breakfast. Some April Foolery, huh? Sorry, to my east coast friends. It’s a great trick and I didn’t tell you in time.

But, wake-up West Coast. WAKE UP.  W-a-k-e-u-p…. Hurry. Change the clocks.  Dress.  Wake up the kids and rush them out the door.   To a restaurant.

Let me know how it went.


Hint: I had to tell the secret to my youngest so he wouldn’t melt down. If the kids are too young to handle a rushed, no breakfast morning (at least that’s what they think), then pull him/her aside and get some help with the foolery.
Listen.  Your assignment is to report back to me.  What other harmless April Fools jokes do you know?
DaVinci’s Classroom Teacher



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