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Goodmorning!  I hope you visited last week and read the money tips.  The green week was loaded with money resources.  I learned something.  Did you know how far saving $3.00 day will go?

Saturday night our family added up the savings we had by working around our house mowing, cleaning, cooking, and not shopping.  It hovered over $100 and that’s enough for the monthy contribution towards the $259,000 fund.  Curious?….read Friday’s post.


This is not the way to start the day.  These people need some coffee.  Actually, I think the babies need a diaper change and the air is ….!  “Please someone snap this picture now.”

Start your teaching day out with this chant written by Dr. Linda Michell Baron


This is the way…hey!  we start the day…hey!

We get the knowledge…hey!  to go to college…hey!

We won’t stop there…hey!  go anywhere…hey!

We work and smile…hey!  cause that’s our style…hey!

We love each other…hey! help one another…hey!

There’s nothing to it…hey!   Just have to do it…hey!

this is the way …hey!   we start the day…hey!

cause we “don’t play” …hey!

Now, what you say…hey!

The next ditty is for all big brothers and sisters, especially Ariel’s kids www.moabclub.blogspot.com


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