Teacher Tip: Writing Lesson


First Grade (This lesson could apply to any grade level—even adults.)
WHAT: writing class synopsis

Characters: My three puppet friends: Firefighter, Queenie, School Marm and me

Me: Well, how’d I do?


Firefighter: You talked too long.
Queenie: You were majestic, dear.
School Marm: You did well explaining how to write using a storyboard. I was proud, but there are a few areas you could improve.
Me: Thanks ya’ll. You’re right. I did talk too long. But it’s so much fun being in charge and looking at those sweet faces. Why don’t you go ahead and explain how the lesson went and I’ll fill in if I need to. Take it away….Firefighter.

Firefighter: Great. The first visit you spent time telling the kiddos to create a problem for the main character. Now firefighters know about problems, so I got excited and thought of all kinds of problems to write in a story. Like the time…

Queenie: Excuse me, for interrupting, but I can tell you no one’s experienced more problems than a queen. Have you any idea the issues I’ve dealt with? But don’t forget the importance she placed on choosing the characters. You must have high caliber characters people can relate to for a good story.

School Marm: Now, now settle down friends. We can all agree your story can be full of characters and problems, but planning is essential. You must know how the story is going to end.

Me: You’re all right. In fact, every aspect of your discussion is vital. That’s why the storyboard is so important. The board gives children a visual guide to plan and write the story. Thanks for the summary.

Firefighter: Oh, oh I have to tell them what I said the second visit. It was cool.

Me: Okay, why don’t you fill in for all of us.
Firefighter: We introduced the second lesson. The children had finished their storyboards and were ready to write. So, I reminded them to “just let their words flow.” Isn’t that the coolest?

Queenie: Ahem.

Firefighter: Queenie told them to “remember the rules” and School Marm said “do your best and have fun.”

Me: Yes, I didn’t have to talk as much this visit. I found out the classroom teacher taught a lesson on characters a few days before our second visit. She read Frog and Toad are Friends. The class discussed personality characteristics. What a great way to expand the storyboard lesson, prepare, and excite the writers. Once we got started, the first graders wrote over an hour before stopping.

Please share this site with five people and I’ll send the lesson plan to you. Email: terri@devokids.com.sm_020


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