Teacher Tip: Bulletin Board Do’s and Don’ts

March Bulletin Boards
Treasure Chest: Cover a box and paint to look like a treasure chest. Fill it up with bling: covered checkers with foil, fake gemstones from art store. Spray paint bottle tops gold, silver, or glitter. Go for sparkle.
Add the students’ names, pictures, and a catchy title to the board. Example: My Treasures


Are you looking for a bulletin board idea? I know. Many of you searched for bulletin board ideas…so… Here are tips for your bulletin boards.
1. Decorate bulletin boards with themes rather than holidays. (You know what I mean if you’ve followed a holiday theme. Around comes Valentine’s Day smack dab in the middle of the month and you have to change the board on the 15th. Bummer. Stay away from this trend.)
2. Plan the bulletin boards for an entire school year. Schedule the date in your plan book so not all bulletin boards switch out on the same day.
3. Cover the hall bulletin board with children’s work. Only. Always.
4. Decent looking is the goals for bulletin boards. You don’t have to worry about winning a design award. Focus your time on lesson plans.
5. Everybody, everywhere enjoys eyeing children’s art and writing. Ideas: watercolor pictures, stories, drawings with crayon or colored pencil, construction paper cut-n-paste pictures.
6. If you teach an older grade, 4th or 5th, allow the students to plan a bulletin board. Make a schedule of groups so everyone is involved one time during the year.
TIP: Please give assignments like bulletin boards to everyone, not just the best behaved or the A students.
7. Holiday Bulletin Board: Refer to number one, but you can plan a few holiday themed boards. I wouldn’t allow holidays to be the catalyst for every bulletin board. (Smile.)

Map Bulletin Board

Cover a bulletin board with brown butcher paper (substitute: cut back of grocery bags). Students make people with construction paper and/or pipe cleaners, trees, and buildings. You draw the roads in the scene or village on the bulletin board.
For fun, add real items: twigs, moss, leaves, or pebbles.

Look below on the tiny word and click on the word comment. Please let me know what you need for your classroom, your home school, your children’s bedroom… . Also, I’d be happy to post digitals of your bulletin boards. Send a comment! Send your images to terri@devokids.com and see your classroom pictures on DaVinci’s classroom: The Virtual Classroom.


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