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You’ll love this.    Read and enjoy.  By the way,  I love Dooley.  I do.   I do.

The scene:  Dooley’s tutor, Father Tim, and Dooley sharing a meal after a tutoring session.    A Light in the Window, Jan Karon, page 379

“She looked so stern he thought he’d warm up the introduction.  “Louise…”  he said, extending his hand.

“I don’t believe you should call me by my Christian name.”

“Of course…”

“We wouldn’t want your parishioners to talk, since we’re both unmarried and thrown together in the intimacy of the home environment.”

He felt a positive wrench in his stomach.  What was worse, he had to make dinner for this person.


“I got a stomach cramp,” said Dooley, whose eyes looked bloodshot.

“Me, too,” said the rector.  They were still sitting in the kitchen, unable to move since Louise Appleshaw had risen from the table and insisted on seeing herself to the door.

“I hate ‘at ol’ bat.”

“Let me ask you something,”  he said wearily.  “Can you say ‘I hate that old bat’?  Try it, just like I said it.”

“I hate that old bat.”

“Well done.  Who needs a tutor?”


He was exhausted.  And since Louise Appleshaw was allergic to anything with barley, oats, raisins, nuts, pineapple, white flour, sugar, cow’s milk, carob, chocolate, dates, leeks, cabbage, lima beans, beef, pork, and tomatoes, what in the name of heaven was he going to do about dinner on Friday?

The Mitford Series Books by Jan Karon are delightful!!!  Read them. 

Don’t be an old bat today.  You might give someone a stomach cramp.

Just a thought…….DaVinci’s Classroom Teacher

TEACHER TIP:  After you read a Mitford Book (At Home in Mitford is the first book), choose one character to share.  Read sections of the book to your class, allowing them to discuss, draw, and delight in this person.  You may introduce writing class with this activity once a week or so, “Okay, it’s time for a Dooley reading…..” or Father Tim, or Sadie, or Emma.  There are many personalities to choose.  FUN for all. 

(Look out for Dooley’s conversations–some of it’s….raw.  Funny, but raw.)

Draw maps of Mitford.

MOTHER TIP:  Are you reading with your chldren?  “No, my children can read.”  Please don’t overlook the joy of reading together even when your children become independent readers.  I’d recommend reading the Mitford Books with a ten year old, elevenish, or possible twelve year old. 

Are you familiar with The Simple Wife?  (see the links). This lady plans so well she reads with her daughters at breakfast before they go to school:  fed and read.  (get it??)

WRITERS:  Study Jan’s characters and humor.  (I’m surprised half the world hasn’t move to Mitford (Blowing Rock, NC) after reading the books. 



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  1. Thanks for the link love, Terri!

    Oh, how I love the Mitford books. I read them all once a year–seems like a trip to Mitford from time to time is something we all need.

    And after reading your post, I think maybe I’ll put them in the breakfast stack.

    Thanks for offering to do a review…my publicist has the list and (I think!) is working on sending them out.

    Have a great day!


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