Teacher Tip and Lesson Plan

As promised my lass and lads, plans for St. Patrick’s Day or whenever.

I plan—you decide.  (Like the soundbite?—kinda newsy, huh?)


Cheers.  Sláinte”


Did you know?

Once upon a time, St. Patrick’s Day began as a religious holiday, but morphed into a secular celebration in 1903.  And in the 1990’s, the Irish government promoted the holiday to teach Irish culture and country. 


Irish Saying

About a gossiper:  She has a tongue that would clip a hedge.


Lesson Plan:  Eat green.  Wear green. Kelly, Chartreuse, Lime, Fern, Emerald, Moss, Olive, Grass. 


I’ll send you more recipes the remainder of this week.  Plan to display the wonderful world of “greens”.   The recipes are mighty fine—top of the morning.   You’ll need to choose which recipes to assemble at school and which recipes to delegate to prepare at home.  Then have a potluck for lunch or after school party.  Invite parents.


Lesson Learned:  Let’s promote healthy and delicious foods.  Children don’t know much about fresh foods these days.  Greens are good—for your health, for your taste buds, and for your Great Uncle Ralph.  (????Why did I say that?????) 



SPINACH SALAD (adapted from allrecipes.com)



1 bag of spinach, rinsed

10 or so strawberries, sliced (substitute: mandarin oranges)

Optional:  pecans or slivered almonds (CHECK FOR FOOD ALLERGIES)

Optional: thinly sliced purple onion (keep on the side for the kids)



½ c. sugar

1 teas. Salt

1/3 c. vinegar (wine vinegar preferred)

1 c. vegetable oil (I prefer cold pressed olive oil)

1 Tab. Poppy seeds


Directions:  Mix spinach and strawberries together in large bowl.  Assemble dressing in blender then pour over salad. 



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  1. If you are looking for a green protein for your meal try, edamame (soybean)
    Also, they sprout quickly if you would like a growing project.
    Perhaps, creamed edamame on toast?

  2. At our school it is popular to have the children make Irish Soda Bread on St. Patrick’s Day. This is a relatively simple recipe that can be mixed and baked at a classroom party with minimal kitchen appliances. See a link to the recipe here and some other ideas for St. Patrick’s Day fun. http://tinyurl.com/a9u8fq

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