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Honor students by crowning their verbal achievements. Students in this kindergarten class wear a brilliant crown when their teacher catches them saying something just too brilliant to ignore. brillhat_hk12

Remember…(I know you will…) crown every child throughout the year.  Keep a checklist.

Every student needs the opportunity to feel like a gem!

Just so you know.  The teacher on Romper Room never, never-ever, said my name.  I watched Romper Room faithfully and she never saw me in her mirror–what was wrong with her?????  How about you?

See–it’s important to acknowledge every child.  And if you never heard of Romper Room–I love you anyway.


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  1. My name was mentioned only once on Romper Room. It was the only time was I EVER not-quite-dressed so I had to hide behind the chair so Miss Florence wouldn’t see me in my underwear. I was so sad because it was only time to wave to the TV. So sad.

    • That’s funny!
      Thanks for writing.

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