Teachers and Homeschoolers: Activity and Teacher Tip

Here’s a quick idea for you to throw together in the spirit of:  THE DAY AFTER THE SUPER BOWL


Here’s your tip:  The kids might be sleepy with all the Super Bowl Hoopla.    (Or maybe you….).    Add something fun to the day:  music, interesting worksheets, or role-play a lesson instead of a hum-drum worksheet, or serve refreshments (leftover Super bowl party food…)


If you’re more inspired to work on a new activity than watch the Super bowl, here’s a quick idea for tomorrow morning. (Adapted Mailbox Magazine, Oct./Nov. 1987)


Materials:  Do you happen to have any football gear sitting around the house?  Great!  Grab two  each:  jersey, helmet, and jeans.  No football gear, no problem:  draw your outfit on brown grocery bags and cover a t-shirt.   (Avoid perfectionism.)



Goal:  Stuff a football player

  1. Materials:  newspaper, pillowcase for the heads, football clothes                   

Divide class into 2 teams.  

Each teams chooses a position for the “football player” 

Offensive Players: quarterback,  receiver, center, guard, tackle, end, full-back, tailback,  wide-receiver, kicker   

Defensive Team:  Nose guard, tackle, defensive end, middle linebackers, outside linebacker, defensive back, corner back, safety


Line the two teams up in relay teams.  One player on each team positions the football gear as each player runs up to stuff the outfit with newspaper.  The teams are racing to see who can stuff their football player first.

(You may need to connect the shirt to the jeans with safety pins yourself.)

Now, wasn’t that fun?!  (Keep those kids quiet so the teacher next door doesn’t get mad at you.)

Assignment:  Write a story about your football player


  1. Materials:  two football helmets or use paper helmets stapled on paper lunch bags, newspaper or magazines.  Label each helmet: Capital & Lowercase


Goal:  review capitalization

Students cut out words and sort into helmets:  capitals or lowercase.  You could also make a list of words on index cards. (Be sure and write all words in lowercase.)


I know how creative you are and I’ll just bet you’ve thought of several variations for each of these activities.   Go for it—you are super! 




DaVinci’s Classroom Teacher





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