Teacher’s Lesson

Integrate: Dental Health Month and Valentine’s Day Activity

Writing Prompt
The boy wiggled his tooth. He hoped the Tooth Fairy read the letter he wrote. He hoped his tooth came out in time.

What was his wish? For Valentines Day, he wished to give his first tooth to his Granny. You see, Granny munched away on her chocolate chip cookie, but crack. When Granny looked in the mirror, she realized the pecans in the cookie included the shell. Instead of crunching a cookie, the cookie crunched her tooth.

Assign your class to write the letter to the Tooth Fairy.
Expand this lesson to teach letter writing, creative writing, dental health, tooth identification, and the care, love, and respect of grandparents or elderly. (Visit a retirement home.)

This is a “seed idea” for you teachers. You’re brilliant, creative, and smart, so take this idea as an inspiration to create a unique lesson. I’d love to know what you did. Please comment back and share your activities. Look at the bottom of this post and in teeny, tiny letters you should see: Comment. CLICK the word and a box pops open. PLEASE WRITE TO ME.

NOTE: This is a true story with the circumstances changed. My son wants to give his first loose tooth to his Grandmother who happened to break a tooth during Thanksgiving. (And her tooth is fixed by now.)  Of course, he wanted Santa’s help to arrange the tooth exchange. Isn’t it sweet?  True stories are charming.
Yours truly,
DaVinci’s Classroom Teacher


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