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Jill, a home school mother, is concerned. Of her three children, one exhibits hesitancy with math problems and often changes her answers.

My suggestions to boost her math confidence:
1. Use natural objects as counters: rocks, leaves, sticks
Resource: Barbara Meister Vitale

2. Choose specific objectives for a math lesson and allow your child to teach.

3. Teach math as sets with straws (or other objects) grouped by 1’s, 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. Allow her to use counters to help her figure or check her answers.

4. Games. Games. Games. Marcy Cook is an excellent resource. http://www.marcycookmath.com/

5. Connect and integrate math with subjects he/she loves: science, cooking, history.

6. Collect menus from local restaurants and create math activities from the menu.

7. Practice math with real money then write the problems on paper.

8. Learn what your child is thinking. To understand the thinking behind your child’s approach to computation, observe as she works on math. Let her know you want to ask questions. The answers provide valuable insight into her individual learning approach.
Why do you think the answer is __?
Why did you change your mind?

9. Excellent resource: Grayson Wheatley, Coming to Know Number and Quick Draw
Wheatley uses cards with black dots similar to dominoes. Flash the card and let your child shout out the number. “Shift student’s thinking to collections.” Grayson Wheatley

Enjoy teaching.


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