Welcome! This site offers teacher tips for elementary school teachers, homeschoolers, writers, mothers, and women.

This site offers…

A virtual classroom: Teachers around the country are submitting classroom photos. DaVinci’s Classroom is your go-to place to visit each other classrooms for organization ideas, decorating ideas, activities, and more. Submit your photos or ideas to terri@devokids.com.

Teacher Tips:  Management for the Elementary Classroom and a few lesson plans sprinkled in for flavor.  Scroll to the comment section and write to me:  tell me what you’re looking for in education.  DaVinci’s Classroom is here to serve you as a educator, as a homeschool teacher, as a mom with children any age!

Bulletin Board:  Woman to Woman Information and mom to mom. What do you want to talk about?  Let me know.

Writer’s Resources: Writer’s may guest blog by contacting terri@devokids.com.

COMING SOON: DaVinci’s Classroom will soon be offering advertising and product recommendations, after the blog is updated. If you would like to buy advertising space in 2011, please contact terri@devokids.com.


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